What Can Accutane Lawyer Do For You?

By | May 9, 2017

Most people mistakenly take the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) for irritable bowel syndrome when in fact these two are different in terms of their nature, intensity, and dangers. Well, they do share something in common. That is, they both affect one’s colon health.

An inflammatory bowel disease includes all kinds of bowel irritations. some of which are ulcers in the color (Ulcerative Colitis) and ulcers in the intestine (Crohn’s Disease). There have been numerous speculations on the causes of Chron’s disease. Some of these are genetics, improper function of the body’s immune system and germs in the body.

Just like any other disease, one who suffers from inflammatory bowel disease is likely to feel a couple of symptoms. Common indications include cramping, urgency in expelling the bowels, pain the stomach, loose stools, presence of blood in the stool, and loss of appetite.

While some are able to let go of the discomfort brought by these symptoms, others can’t. It is important to have the disease concluded by an expert so that the necessary treatment can be administered. Otherwise, serious consequences may come as a result. Part of which is bleeding in the bowel and colon along with the possible presence of toxic megacolon, a condition characterized by enlarged colon, abdominal pain, bloating, shock, and fever.

Miscellaneous complications correlated with inflammatory bowel disease are eye problems, joint pains, kidney and liver issues, skin problems, and loss of the bone structure.

Meanwhile, there are two manners in which IBD is determined. One is by testing the patient’s stool samples and the other is via the use of a camera which checks if there are lesions on the colon.

The drug Isotretinoin was first developed as a chemotherapy medication pancreatic cancer and brain cancer patients. In the United States, the most popular trade name of the Isotretinoin is Accutane.

Carrying the patent of one of the well-known drug manufacturers, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Accutane is largely associated with cancers and skin conditions, particularly acne. Obtained from the A vitamin, Accutane is taken orally than topically applied on the skin. Because vitamin A is often associated with healthy skin, this drug is said to be effective in battling acne. However, dangers often arise when taken in large and inappropriate dosages.

The use of the drug Accutane has serious side effects such as dry and irritated skin, colitis, hepatitis, loss of night vision, thinning of the hair, joint pain, muscle pain, miscarriage, and potential birth defects to the fetus, to name a few.

Other recognized adverse reactions for this drug involve dryness of the skin, attainable virus on the cuticles, rashes, hyperlipidaemia and back pains. More rare negative effects are recognized to be cataracts, disturbances in monthly period flow, pancreatitis, hepatitis, psychosis and depression. A Mexican analyze found that male patients using drug in addition were built with a chance of enduring erectile dysfunction. Thinning hair, a cut down in night vision, degenerative disc disease and acne rosacea happen to be known to show itself as negative effects on this drug, despite if remedy have been stopped.

Some means on Accutane inflammatory bowel disease often make reference to the appropriate correlation amongst the two. Which is, after tells surfaced that runners who use Accutane formulated the inflammatory bowel disease. However, FDA has not yet yet recognized the fact the condition will be able to be triggered by means of this particular drug.

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