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The Proper Dose Of A Powerful Pain Killer Medication

Using a suitable Oxycodone dosage is essential in order to avoid the harmful effects of this medicine. Oxycodone is an FDA-approved medicine since 1976. Just like codeine, morphine and hydrocodone, it’s a powerful narcotic treatment given to reduce moderate to severe pain. However, Oxycodone has been a regulated medicine due to its addictive properties. Patients… Read More »

The Proper Dosage Of A Pain Killer Medicine

Naproxen is a medicine that’s widely used around the world. This medicine is mainly used to treat conditions like fever, pain, kidneys calculi, osteoarthritis, cramps, arthritis, inflammation, etc. The basic mode of action of this famous medicine is the inhibition of enzymes called COX1 and COX2. In countries such as the USA, UK, Australia and… Read More »